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Stevie Dance is a photographer, filmmaker, creative director, writer and strategist.

As a multi-medium hybrid artist, Dance is regarded amongst her peers for her intimate portrayals of optimism, the female gaze and her particular attention to creating compelling choreography and culturally distinct, visual offerings.
Dance is considered unique and versatile for her ability to work across many mediums in tandem.

Dance has simultaneously photographed and styled campaigns for clients and publications such as Calvin Klein, Glossier, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Vogue Italia, Rhode Beauty and Interview Magazine to name a few. Compelling client commissions has led to her emergence as a filmmaker in the industry, a medium in which Dance has always practiced in her personal work and is deeply inspired by.

In 2018 Dance launched The Feel Studio, a sustainably run Californian denim brand. As the hands-on principal, she has been intimately responsible for the brand’s creative direction, strategy, product design, sustainability initiatives, messaging and communication. She has photographed and art directed the brand’s visual offering, in its entirety.
The Feel Studio has been featured by The New York Times, Vogue, WSJ, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine’s The Cut and was included by Forbes on their 2019 “Emerging Brands to Watch” list.
Dance stylistically led the widely acclaimed OFF-WHITE fashion week presentations since the brand’s Paris debut in 2016 until Feb 2020. In collaboration with the late founder and artistic director, Virgil Abloh, she acted as the brand’s head stylist, fashion director and consultant across all OFF-WHITE runway presentations, consulting on every major seasonal offering for both the Women’s and Men’s collections for five years. A year into their collaboration, in 2017, OFF-WHITE rose 32 ranks in one quarter on the Lyst index (the quarterly report that analyses online shopping behavior). It proceeded to hold the position of the most popular brand in the world 5 times in the following 3 years.

From 2011 until 2020, Dance held the position of co-fashion director, at the lauded bi-annual fashion and art journal, POP magazine. Here she conceptualized her work, executed it and expressed herself technically and artistically under her own creative direction. Dance achieved this by photographing, casting, producing, styling and art directing her editorials and covers, in their totality. Her visual editorial work is often accompanied by the written word in the form of an essay.

Prior to that, she was a freelance stylist, creative director and consultant working across an array of mediums, clients and culturally significant projects for the last decade living in New York.

Dance graduated in 2004, with honors in Media and Communications, from The University of Sydney. She majored in cinematography and journalism.

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